“How do I KNOW the tests you are offering to my company are measuring what you say they are measuring?”

University of North Texas Doctoral-Level researchers conducted Validation Studies on Personality Plus®, The Insure Survey®, and the Johnston Index® using Construct and Concurrent Validation procedures.

Are Validation Studies important?
YES. Not only important, but MANDATORY. Validity, when referring to assessments (tests), is defined as the degree to which the assessment (test) measures what it is supposed to measure.

Some test publishers will tell you to just administer the assessment (test) to current employees and use the resulting data as your Validity Study for pre-employment purposes. Although this type of study CAN ADD credibility to a professionally conducted study, it is not recognized as a legitimate way to REPLACE such a study which could include hundreds (or thousands) of individuals. The publishers who inform you that all you have to do is administer the test to your current employees are probably doing so because professionally conducted studies usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, are time-consuming, and difficult research projects requiring professional expertise. More then likely, they are covering up the fact that they have not conducted such a study. Professionally conducted Validity Studies are essential if test scores are to be accurately used and interpreted for pre-employment purposes. Legitimate psychometricians (test designers) will provide you with a professionally conducted VALIDITY STUDY outlining evidence that the test does, in fact, measure what it appears to measure.