Honesty Tests, Personality Tests, and Aptitude Tests on One Program!

Employment testing can ease the pain.........

The Hiring SuiteĀ® can help you make the right decision while avoiding the trap of "gut feelings" and the applicant's "spinning" of abilities. It is a complete employment testing system featuring stand alone personality tests, honesty tests, and aptitude tests. It even has an assessment for team building!

Which tests are the most important?

They're all important. You want to hire the applicant that has the right personality traits for the position but you also need honesty, a good work ethic, and someone who will be reliable. In addition, you may even want aptitude tests for math, spelling, vocabulary, and problem solving. These learned skills can sometimes make the difference in a job completed to your company's high standards.

Avoid employment testing "mish-mash".......

Buying personality tests from one publisher, honesty tests from another publisher, and aptitude tests from yet another vendor forces your staff to learn several different new programs. This greatly increases the learning curve to full implementation to say nothing of the confusion of terms used by the various programs. It just makes good sense to buy one program that offers all the employment testing you need on one easy to use system.